Arctic Poppy is an independent record label based in Shoreditch. As a team we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2017.

We work closely with some of the UK’s top creative and media teams to bring a wide range of recorded music to the market, from A list artists to emerging talent.

We are a small, personal team offering artists flexibility, and the love and care they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.


For artists and producers who value a dedicated and bespoke approach to their material, Arctic Poppy provides specialist project management to support the release of singles and albums worldwide. We recognise the individuality of each record, artist and management team and can tailor our services accordingly.

We embrace both the old and new worlds of the music industry, and believe there is a place for both. We understand that some music needs to be treated in the traditional way, and lends itself to a mainly physical product, whereas other artists are more suited to a new approach, such as releasing music track by track, partnering with brands, and utilising streaming platforms and playlists to realise their full potential.

We see branding and streaming as a huge opportunity for many artists to engage with audiences and generate revenue as never before.

We have a reputation of producing high quality physical CDs and other products, including vinyl and commemorative boxsets.

We work alongside the leading distributors and licensees in the UK and around the world. Each has their own strengths, so we work closely with our artists and managers to choose the most suitable.

Even before an artist is ready to release their music, we are happy to provide as much or as little support as the artist or their manager requires.


Over the last 10 years, we have worked together on more than 120 albums and other music projects.


As a small team we aim to give artists and their managers a much higher level of personal attention and care than is possible from our larger competitors. In everything we do - from album design, photography, website and video production to social media, online promotion, PR and media plugging - we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to give them whatever they need to succeed.

We are extremely flexible, and believe in releasing records as individual tracks, singles or albums, whatever is appropriate.

We stand out from most of the other so called independent labels, who are often tied to a major, in that we are entirely independent, commercially and financially, which means we can make decisions quickly, based on our clients’ best interests.


Music is integral to consumer experience. For many brands and organisations, it provides fluent communication and plays a key role in distinguishing them from competition. At Arctic Poppy, we work closely with clients to create music content for use in marketing and promotion campaigns worldwide. Through the exclusive use of content performed by some of today's most exciting names in music, we believe we have an unrivalled ability to assist in creating lasting brand impressions and memorable brand experiences.


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